Complete Hygiene is  committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout our activities and we constantly work towards minimising the impact of our products and services upon the environment.

Complete Hygiene

  • Will ensure our core range of paper products are manufactured from recycled paper.
  • Will meet and where appropriate exceed the requirements of all relevant legislation.
  • Will incorporate consideration of environmental factors into business decisions.
  • Will assess the environmental impact of individual products and services.
  • Will see to reduce consumptions and wastage of materials in all operations.
  • Will reuse rather than dispose of whenever possible.
  • Will recycle and encourage the use of recycling and recycled products and packaging there-of.
  • Will manage energy wisely in all operations and design energy efficiency into buildings, products and services.
  • Will reduce where practicable the level of harmful emissions and waste products.
  • Will work with our suppliers to minimise the environmental impact of their operations through a quality purchasing policy.
  • Will maintain an open information policy on environmental issues to any interested party.
  • Will provide staff with environmental awareness training and encourage employee initiatives that contribute to an improved environment.
  • Will consult with the local community on environmental issues.
  • Will allocate appropriate resources to ensure the environmental policy is fully implemented
  • Will take all measures necessary to prevent pollution.
  • Will keep the environmental policy under regular review.
  • Is committed to continual improvement.